je vais bien, merci

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life is seriously fucked up and stranger than fiction where more often than not,sunshine daisies are just a figment of your imagination and monsters are more than real. just ask Holden Caulfield. or me.

so yeah. get a glimpse of how this pink brain of mine works as i force my self to produce intelligent words that may either sound pretentious, deep or downright ridiculous.

so if you really are interested in the life of a little girl who's caught up in her own world (which consists of fictional characters from books, movies and poetry) then yeah, scroll down and taint your coconut and lose yourself to dance with the tune i invented.





my mom tried to teach our goats to pee in one certain spot by giving them treats when they’d pee in that spot

except that

they think that now whenever they pee they get a treat

so whenever they see my mom

they pee

 laughed for a solid five minutes

behaviorism gone wrong

Pavlov is laughing in his grave

(via suriella)

Anonymous asked: how did you get so tan???